Vamana Therapy

The kapha toxins accumulated in the body and the respiratory tract are effectively removed by Vamana, one of the five therapies of Panchakarma in Ayurveda. Vamana is therapeutic vomiting, which is a medicated emesis therapy. People with high imbalance of kapha are given this type of treatment, which loosens and mobilizes the toxins, in an effort to eliminate them from the body. Waste products (vitiated dosha) are eliminated through the upper gastrointestinal tract. The vitiated kapha are eliminated through the mouth. After vomiting, the sinus is cleared, which in turn provides relief from congestion, wheezing and breathlessness.


The objective of Vaman therapy is to induce vomiting in the person to get rid of the mucus that causes excess kapha. During the treatment, kapha aggravating foods such as basmati rice and yogurt with salt are given to the patient, in the morning. Thereafter, heat is applied to the chest and back, in order to liquefy kapha. A drink made by mixing madanaphalam, licorice, honey or calamus root tea is given to the patient, after the kapha is liquefied. Salt or cardamom may also be added to the medicated drink. Consumption of the drink triggers vomiting in the patient. If vomiting doesn�t occur spontaneously, then it is induced by rubbing on the tongue.


The patient feels better after vomiting for four to eight times. This is followed with the internal administration of ghee treatment and a steam bath. After performing Vamana therapy, the patient should take rest and not consume heavy food. Fasting is highly recommended immediately after Vamana therapy. The patient is also given certain herbal cigarettes to smoke. In addition to this, it is strictly recommended that the natural urge to urinate, defecate, sneeze and cough should not be suppressed. If vamana is administered properly, the person feels relaxed and able to breathe freely. Lightness in the chest is often experienced after undergoing the therapy. The person thinks clearly, develops a clear voice and good appetite. All the symptoms of congestion vanish away after the proper administration of Vamana therapy.

Health Problems Treated By Vamana Therapy

Vamana Therapy is suitable for treating a number of diseases including anemia, chronic indigestion, sinus problems, cough and cold. Certain chronic diseases like diabetes can be treated by this therapy. People suffering from edema, epilepsy, skin diseases, fever, loss of appetite and lymphatic obstruction can find this therapy beneficial. Nausea and food poisoning are effectively cured by Vamana therapy. In case of repeated attacks of tonsillitis, most of the Ayurvedic practitioners suggest to opt for Vamana therapy. Latest studies in the field of medical science suggest that certain symptoms of asthma can be cured by this highly effective form of Panchakarma.