Lighting up lives with perfect quality panchakarma equipment.

We are the world’s top ayurvedic equipment suppliers in Kerala with 14 years of experience having been trusted by people all across the globe for providing them incomparable service & a refreshing future to hope for and begin with. We are proud that our well-wishing clients spread from AIMES(All India Medical Sciences, Delhi) Ayurvedic department to many more reputed persona! Moments are the milestones toward growth, we are extremely proud to chart an excellent tea-talk with you which will definitely lead to more authentic client relationship lasts longer!

About Products

Our belief in traditional nature-cure has inspired us to engage conveniently thus we have been awarded as best ayurvedic equipment suppliers in Kerala from our benevolent clients and we sign up all kinds of panchakarma equipements with Ayurvedic hospitals, Ayurveda colleges, resorts, panchakarma centers and spa massaging centers along with customized personal requirements at a reasonable price. The wooden items are manufactured using Anjili, Neem (Veppu), Kanjiram (Nuxvomica) and Venga as mentioned in the ayurvedic classics for efficient long-term use, ISO certified fiber glass materials for FRP items, supreme quality stainless steel and superior grade steels are chosen for steel items, excellent quality brass, bronze and copper for other accessories. Our team is fully committed to joining up in balancing your health with top-reviewed rejuvenating equipment.

Responsibly supporting from prime meeting to set up the equipment, clarifying queries. We are eager to serve the best service that is reliable, affordable and incomparable. Yes, our hands are strong enough to hold your future miles providing absolute-quality products to take care of your health and steer up the journey.