Welcome to Ayush Panchakarma Equipments

Ayurveda, the ancient Vedic wisdom keeps a balance between nature and humans to enhance health and well-being ensuring a quality life. With the polluted city life and absence of fresh air, nature has been a curing-asylum for decades to purify, rejuvenate inner and outer self. We are at the forefront of providing high-quality equipment for ayurvedic purgation treatment for 14 years with utmost honour to be a part of a holistic health system.

Being world’s top-rated Ayurveda equipment manufacturers in Kerala, Palakkadu, we serve panchakarma instruments (dhroni, wooden steam bath, Shirodhara stand etc) to countries like Dubai, Qatar, Oman, Australia, Switzerland, along with other parts of India like Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, U.P, Delhi, Mumbai etc. to enliven traditional purification lifestyle to humming up a new tune with nature.

Our team is exploring more convenient designs to cope up with panchakarma therapy as our products are passed quality-law and we believe quality makes trust stronger. Embrace tradition with trust!

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